All natural wood is a gorgeous addition to your home, whether it’s as an accent piece or your backyard deck.

Wood needs protection though. It’s susceptible to a wide variety of risks of environmental damage and the wear and tear of time. 

Staining wood has dual benefits. First, wood stain helps the natural wood to last longer, it works against the growth of mold and breakdown that can be caused by water damage. Second, wood stain deepens the natural colors of the wood, and highlights its beauty. Wood stain can allow you to have a more distinguished and longer lasting appearance that you’re paying for with your wood construction material. 

These benefits of wood staining are fickle, however. If the stain is not properly applied, the wood will not be properly protected. And while wood staining can give you a better appearance from wood, if the wrong stain is selected, or if it’s applied unevenly or the application is either too heavy or too light, the staining will look uneven and unnatural, providing an unattractive appearance to your wood.

That’s why using a professional service for your wood staining is critical to getting a satisfactory final result. The experts at Kimmel’s Colors will help you select the right wood stain for your job, and then use the correct application as needed by the wood and environment. We think you’ll be astonished by the positive results! Contact us today to get a quote on your wood staining or other painting project with the passionate experts at Kimmel’s Colors.

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