Preparing to Paint

A large portion of the frustration that comes with any painting project has nothing to do with putting paint and brush to the wall. Instead, so much of the time and effort goes into simply preparing the work area for the painting project. 

At Kimmel’s Colors, we take our professionalism to this part of the job just as we do with everything else. We ensure that any surfaces not meant to be painted are covered when appropriate. We ensure the surfaces are cleaned and masked as required, all to ensure that the final paint job will look as excellent as possible, and extending the service life of your paint project.

A properly prepared surface leads to a better final product, and that’s why you need to contact Kimmel’s Colors today for a professional paint project from start to finish. Whether we’re painting your home or a warehouse, we put our passion and work ethic into every project, and you’ll see that in the results. Contact us today!

Protect House When Painting