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Interior painting projects require a unique set of skills when it comes to hiring a painting professional.  Where exterior painting can be accomplished using larger crews and heavier equipment, interior painting projects by their nature necessitate a more restrictive approach. Properly preparing the space to ensure the work is kept under control, leaving no mess behind when you’re done and packed up, is critical to giving the customer a satisfactory experience.

Attention to detail is even more important when  painting on surfaces where people will live or work in close proximity, attention to detail is important. You don’t want to be finding paint splatters or uneven paint application months later as someone stares around the room waiting for a meeting, or discover a bare spot that was missed in the corner five minutes before your in-laws arrive for dinner.

Hiring the professionals at Kimmel’s Colors ensures that your interior paint project is completed in a way that surpasses your expectations. We work hard to achieve a high level of quality in our work, using professional teams with the training and experience necessary to deliver craftsmanship we can be proud of. From a vaulted ceiling living room in your home or a waiting room in your new office, Kimmel’s Colors will deliver the work you expect from a team that’s been in the business for decades. Call us today to see how we can transform your space!

Basement Paint Before and After
Painted Basement

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