Choosing a painter doesn’t have to be hard work.

With more than 35 years of on-the-job painting experience, Todd Kimmel is not just an owner, he is an example to aspiring painters.  Todd and the team have completed roller and spray painting projects for almost every industry and every type of need that you can imagine, not just in Northern Kentucky, but across the nation. 

Quality and affordability are important to our customers, and important to us.  We’ve invested years in our reputation, and we’ll continue to earn it with the best possible service for every job.

What to Expect

With Kimmel's Colors, we start preparing for your project before we even get there.  For each job, we consider what will impact your paint over the course of time.  Things like water and sun exposure, wear and tear, hot or cold temperatures. Based on all of those factors, as well as your budget and preferences, we will recommend the type of paint, primer, and finish the deliver outstanding results for years to come.  For all of customers, we use top quality paints and coatings that minimize the need for repainting.

On site, we make sure to properly prepare the surfaces to help increase the lifespan of coatings. Then, we paint.  When the painting is complete, our job is not done.  We clean up and leave your property just as you left it.

Todd Kimmel

Change your color.  Change your life.

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